In The Centre Of The Circle Odyssey

“You have found a home in the centre of the circle where your heart is heard forever…”

October 18 TO October 29, 2017


Guided by Sheilaa Hite

Over lifetimes, many of us have forgotten that each of us is a Masterwork of Divine Intention– a Healer, a Shaman, a Nurturer, an Oracle… the list goes on. Since the beginning of time, sacred stone circles have held a divinely focused purpose for us – to mark our place in the circle of life. Whenever we participated in the powerful rites that released the circle’s energies to us, we were able to recognize and re-connect with our soul’s intention. Because each of us knew where to stand in the circle of stones, and therefore, the circle of life, we attracted and radiated a Divine power that matched our individual vibration, thus enabling us to consciously, effectively manifest lives of grace, power and magnificence.

centre-of-the-circle-01Join me on this sacred Odyssey as we experience our reconnection to the energies of the most powerful stone circles of Cornwall, England and Scotland. Here, in these sacred places, we will feel our soul’s re-awakening and remembrance as the portal of each empowering stone circle opens and beckons us to reconnect to a time when our souls were free and operated from our truth as Masterworks of Divine Intention.

Our Odyssey will culminate in a soul, grace and power reconnection ceremony at one of the oldest and most powerful groups of standing stones in the world, the Calainais Stone Circle on the magical Hebridean Isle of Lewis, where we will each link to our own personal soul lineage as well as the power and force inherent in all of the ancient stone circles of the British Isles.

The portal is a sacred gateway to a deeper, more profound space. The British Isles are the heart and foundation of these sacred portals in the northern hemisphere. Through entering them, we can remember that we are Masterworks and therefore, remember our place in the circle as we connect with our soul’s intention by communing with and reuniting the fragmented parts of ourselves.

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centre-of-the-circle-02This is the purpose of our Odyssey – to at last accept and live from knowing our purpose in this life and by knowing, to release the accumulated in nite grace and power that is our Divine birthright; to discover and live from what Divine energy already knows is the highest and most profound form of spirituality that we can practice – that it is the highest good to unconditionally love ourselves and live a happy, satisfied life by honoring our Divine right and sacred responsibility by living in joy, acknowledging our value, coming from our hearts and being of service.

When we know our heart and soul’s intention, we are closest to and in direct communication with the Divine. We effortlessly radiate the magnetic energy that automatically announces our Divine Intention and attracts the very best to ourselves.

We – the stone circles, Divine Intention and us – are the co-creators of the reawakening and re-connection of our hearts, souls and spirits through nding and living our life’s purpose – and that is living our Mastery of Divine Intention in real time. Come along with me and let the experience of this Odyssey engage, delight and reveal your true essence to yourself.

The successful encounter with your own Divine path happens on many levels – the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. through music, stories, ceremony and our own soul-deep experiences, the paths that connect the ancient realms and the world of today will open and transport us back to the essential truth of our soul’s journey throughout our many lifetimes.

The structure of our Odyssey ensures that our sacred journey will be a fulfilling one, revealing and reconnecting us to the wealth of our soul’s power and purpose. Each day and experience will provide opportunities for a soul-evolving shift through meditations, interactions in mystic places, ceremonies and daily numerological, astrological and Tarot readings as we reconnect ourselves to the sacred part of life with grace, glee, solemnity and wonder.

Like a treasure map or Tarot spread, we will unveil the hidden knowledge of our life’s purpose by using the infnite power of place, the energy of ley lines and our soul’s desire and intention to live in harmonious authenticity and balance. By so doing, we will each discover, explore and re ne the karma of our past as we move onto a new, lighter pathway of self-expression, appreciation, empowerment and joy.

Our Odyssey goes beyond the usual tourist track. With grace and elegance touching our souls and reigniting the light within us, we’ll travel to the ancient stone circles in Cornwall, England and Scotland in chauffeur driven coaches, participate in soul-evolving ceremonies and have plenty of free time to relax, shop and just be.

We’ll begin our soul-defning journey in the magical realm of Cornwall. We’ll make our way to our rst stone circle – the Merry Maidens Stone Circle in Penzance. There, we’ll hold the invocation ceremony of our Odyssey, thus activating the awakening and reconnection of our soul’s purpose. We’ll also have the option of visiting the Minack Theatre and the wondrous St. Michael’s Mount Castles & Gardens.

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centre-of-the-circle-04Next, we head for Glastonbury, the site of the Tor and the ancient Isle of Avalon, the burial place of King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere, the renowned Chalice Well and where according to legend, Joseph of Arimathea visited with the Holy Grail. Glastonbury will be our base as we set off to experience and merge with the energy of Stonehenge! I’ve had this pleasure/honor many times and each visit is more magnificent than the last.

We’ll journey to Bath, the wonderful English gentry Roman-built city of healing waters, where we’ll enjoy the tradition of High Tea at the Jane Austen Centre! From Bath, we’ll go to Avebury where we’ll visit the largest and one of the most powerful stone circles in the British Isles.

After an early morning ceremony on Glastonbury’s Tor, we’ll travel through the beautiful English countryside to the legendary English Lake District. There, against Nature’s breathtaking backdrop, we’ll enter into ceremony at the stone circles of Long Meg and Her Daughters and Castlerigg. The Lake District is also the home of author, Beatrix Potter, and we’ll have an opportunity to visit the exhibit dedicated to her and the time she spent there.

centre-of-the-circle-05From there, we cross Hadrian’s Wall, which marks the border between England and Scotland. On our way to the capitol of the Highlands, Inverness, we’ll participate in a ceremony at the Croft Morag Stone Circle. Here, at this stone circle, you’ll begin to notice the difference in the energy and intensity as we travel north from England.

From Inverness, we’ll sail over to the Outer Hebridean Isles of Lewis and Harris, where we’ll enjoy the beauty of the capitol towns of Stornoway and Tarbert. We’ll explore these two key towns and partake of the opportunity to buy wearable art made from one of the most beautiful fabrics in the world – Harris Tweed!

On the magical Isle of Lewis, we’ll bring the energies of all of the British Isles stone circles together in our culminating standing stone circle ceremony at the ancient Standing Stones of Calainais, thus completing the transformation, acknowledgment and acceptance of our investiture in our own unique place in the circle of life.

The following morning, we’ll take a ferry to the rainbow Isle of Skye, and know for ourselves why it’s considered one of the most magical places on Earth. From there, we’re reminded that in every grand adventure, there is a beautiful old castle. Ours possesses a rare and dream-like quality in a romantically mist filled setting. 13th century fortress, Eilean Donan, ancestral home to Clan MacRae, stands guard at the intersection of three lochs and our visit to this stunning stronghold will further awaken the memories of the majesty of our souls and our place in the circle of life.

From Eilean Donan, we make our way back to Edinburgh, where we’ll have free time to explore this esteemed old city and re ect on the success of our re-connection to our true power and our life’s purpose. On our last night in Edinburgh, we’ll gather together for a festive farewell dinner.

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centre-of-the-circle-06My life is an ever changing, soul evolving, joy-filled, transformational odyssey and when you accompany me on a journey like this – your life changes! Join me and share in my magic as you discover your own!

As the person who coined the phrase and wrote the book, The Spiritual Hedonist, I know the different ways of consciously choosing to live a life of class, grace and soul awareness. As a result, I understand that Spiritual Wisdom can only come about if you’re able to fully experience life, fun, creativity and the joy of connecting to your senses.

Life is a journey; I know the route – I am one of only a handful of people in the world permitted by the British government to enter and conduct ceremonies in the sacred inner circle of stones in Stonehenge, as well as being the first metaphysician authorized by the city of Malibu, California to teach in their facilities.

From the outer world, I guide you to the inner world where you will discover and reclaim the power, beauty and magic of your life’s purpose and soul’s intention – and from the inner world I guide you back to the outer world where you can live in the fullness of that divine knowledge and awakened spirit. Socrates said, “Know Thyself ” – I go beyond that and I teach you what I have learned, how to ‘Trust Yourself ‘ so that you can ‘Know Yourself.’

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centre-of-the-circle-07 WED., Oct 18 Arrive at Bristol, UK airport and be met by Odyssey guides, Nicky & Les, who will escort you to our private touring coach, in which you’ll be whisked away to Penzance, Cornwall. Check into hotel. Afternoon on your own. In the evening, we’ll gather for our rst group dinner in one of Penzance’s best restaurants. Overnight in Penzance.

THUR., Oct 19 Invocation ceremony at Merry Maidens Stone Circle. Visit Mount St. Michael. Afternoon on your own with optional visit to spectacular Minack ?eatre. Lunch and Dinner on your own. Overnight in Penzance.

FRI., Oct 20 Depart for Glastonbury. Visit St. Nonna’s medieval church on Bodmin Moor. Arrive Glastonbury. Check into hotel. Balance of day free in Glastonbury. Lunch and Dinner on your own. Overnight in Glastonbury.

SAT., Oct 21. Ceremony in Stonehenge Inner Circle. High Tea ( nger sandwiches, scones, heavenly Dorset clotted cre?me, locally sourced strawberry jam and, of course, tea) in Bath at Jane Austen Centre’s Regency Room. Ceremony at Avebury Stone Circle. Return to Glastonbury. Dinner on your own. Overnight in Glastonbury.

SUN., Oct 22 Early morning ceremony on Glastonbury Tor (the Isle of Avalon). Departure to Cumbria (England’s Lake District). Check into hotel. Lunch and Dinner on your own. Overnight in Cumbria.

MON., Oct 23 Ceremonies at Long Meg and Her Daughters Stone Circle and Castlerigg Stone Circle. Afternoon on your own. Optional panoramic tour of the District and optional visit to Bowness-on-Windermere for Beatrix Potter exhibit. Lunch and Dinner on your own. Overnight in Cumbria.

centre-of-the-circle-08TUE., Oct 24 Departure to Inverness, Scotland. Cross the border at Hadrian’s Wall. Ceremony at Croft Morag Stone Circle. Lunch on your own. Arrive Inverness. Check into hotel. Group dinner in hotel. Overnight in Inverness.

WED., Oct 25 Departure for Ullapool ferry port. Cal Mac Ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway. Visit to Museum of the Western Isles where we’ll see the original Lewis Chessmen and free time on own for Lunch and shopping in Stornoway and Tarbert for wonderful keepsakes including opportunities to buy beautiful, authentic Harris Tweed fabric and nished items! Check in to hotel.Dinner on your own.Overnight in Tarbert.

THUR., Oct 26 Masterwork of Divine Intention Investiture ceremony at Calainais Standing Stones. Visit to Dun Carloway Broch, built in the 1st century AD. Visit Les’ Beach. Lunch and Dinner on your own. Overnight in Tarbert.

FRI., Oct 27 Cal Mac Ferry from Tarbert to Uig in Skye. Enjoy a panoramic tour of Skye. Visit Eilean Donan Castle. Depart for Edinburgh. Arrive Edinburgh. Check into hotel. Lunch and Dinner on your own. Overnight in Edinburgh.

SAT., Oct 28 Today is our free day in Edinburgh and we can each spend it however we choose. In the evening, we’ll gather for a lovely farewell dinner in one of Edinburgh’s best restaurants. Overnight in Edinburgh for a lovely farewell dinner in one of Edinburgh’s best restaurants. Overnight in Edinburgh

SUN., Oct 29 Hotel check-out and off to destinations elsewhere.

NOTE: Our tour coach will meet the arriving Odyssey participants at Bristol, UK airport and drive you to Penzance. The coach is only making one trip, so your arrival times must be close together, otherwise you’ll have to arrange and pay for your own transport to Penzance. Having Sharon at Berkshire Travel Group make your flight arrangements is the most stress-free way to insure that you are on the coach.

sheilaa-juneWHO IS OUR GUIDE?
Sheilaa Hite (
Author, Master Teacher, Wisdom Keeper,
Transformational Guide

Nicky Sanderson (
& Les Mac an Ultaigh (
Members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association, Acclaimed Scottish Storytellers, Dousing Experts, Celtic Officiants.

WHAT? A once in a lifetime experience, sacred places and sacred soul-time, fun time, breathing time, alone time, group time

WHERE? Cornwall, England & Scotland

WHEN? October 18 TO October 29, 2017

WHY GO? For the life changing experiences, the destinations, the events that become a portrait in this journey of self-discovery for each participant, the fun of it, new people and places, the results; each destination, each event is a marker of your progress on this powerfully liberating journey, the realization that using your resources for your soul is as important to your development and life as eating, the knowledge that you are and you can create magic.

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This is the purpose of life; to get what you want. There are deeper things, but this is fun.” – K. Lagerfeld