For the first time in centuries, the Scottish Highlands portal is opening and it beckons me to enter and reconnect to the infinite, powerful energy of time, space and soul memory that spiritually marks this mystical land.

I wholeheartedly accept this rare, sacred invitation and I invite you to join me as I journey through the magical Highlands and spiritual Islands of this most ancient, captivating land that gave birth to the fierce, unconquerable spirit of life and the people who still bear the stamp of it on their souls.

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Join me as we experience the Highlands and Islands of auld that make the heart yearn for a time when souls were free and magic was a way of life; where portals opened and heaven and Earth met; where lives were transformed and hearts and souls were mended.

The portal is a sacred gateway to a deeper, more profound space. The Scottish Highlands and Islands are the heart of these sacred portals in the northern hemisphere. Through entering them, we can commune with, heal, forgive and reunite the fragmented parts of ourselves; we can become whole again.

The purpose of our Odyssey is to become liberated by consciously, actively giving ourselves compassion, permission, forgiveness and healing in this life and for all the life times our souls have traveled. And, as I write in my book, ‘The Spiritual Hedonist,’ “to discover and live from what Divine energy already knows– that it is the highest good to unconditionally love ourselves and live a happy and satisfied life.”

Being a Spiritual Hedonist simply means that you’re honoring your Divine right and sacred responsibility by living in joy, acknowledging your value, coming from your heart and being of service and that is the highest and most profound form of spirituality that we can practice.

SCOTLAND2When your heart is focused on joy and happiness, you are closest to and in direct communication with the Divine. You effortlessly become a magnet for your good and you automatically attract the very best to yourself. You and this sacred land are co-creators of the reawakening and reconnection of your heart, soul and spirit. Come along with me and let the experience of this Odyssey engage, delight and heal you.

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